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Make Full Use of Various Resources for Better Development
CCPIT Xiaogan Center Promotes Transformation and Upgrading of Xiaogan Export-oriented Economy


On December 19, it is learned from Xiaogan Center, Hubei Branch, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) that in 2015, CCPIT Xiaogan Center will improve four aspects as a whole, including striving for authority of handling certificate of origin, strengthening training on export enterprises, promoting foreign trade enterprises to explore international market and providing export-oriented enterprises with legal consultancy service, and continue to organize enterprises in the whole city to “go out” to promote transformation and upgrading of Xiaogan export-oriented economy.

In recent years, CCPIT Xiaogan Center developed international contact, trade training, exhibition service and other services; set up three platforms for enterprises for international exchange, international exhibition and trade negotiation; led enterprises to South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, Ghana and other countries to guide them in seeking for cooperative partners and development opportunities in international trade stage; held training class with several departments for export business to help enterprises prevent foreign-orientated risk, know international economic and trade laws and domestic policy change in export. With the help of CCPIT Xiaogan Center, many enterprises expanded their “economic territory”.

At the end of 2014, CCPIT Xiaogan Center listened to foreign trade enterprises to improve its service ability, and will focus on handling certificate of origin at home and providing export-oriented enterprises with legal consultancy service, which is whishes of many enterprises.