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In the evening of Dec22, 2014, foreign experts in Xiaogan gathered together and were invited to a reception evening party in celebration of Christmas and the New Year of 2015 hold by Xiaogan Municipal People’s Government. Mr. Chou Pinggui, a Member of the Standing Committee of Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and Propaganda Minister and Mr. Shi Fangbin, the Vice Mayor of Xiaogan participated in the party and brought the experts gifts.


Mr. Shi Fangbin expressed his gratitude to these foreign experts and friends for their contribution to the development of economic society of Xiaogan. He said that in 2014, the development of economic society of Xiaogan has achieved a lot, which is closely connected to the support from these foreign experts and that people of Xiaogan will never forget this. As Xiaogan is in a crucial stage of scientific development and great-leap-forward development, Mr. Shi hoped that these foreign experts would continue to provide their concern, care and support in favor of the development of Xiaogan and to make joint efforts to promote Xiaogan’s opening up, reform and communications with the world. He said that they shall make the best to create a good working and living environment to these experts and friends.

Ms. Ito Xiasuili, the Representative of foreign experts and Manager of Xiaogan Shiqi Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd, said that since the foundation of Shiqi 2 years ago, Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and Xiaogan Municipal People’s Government has provided great support. She also said that as she had met some colleagues working in Xiaogan in the last reception evening party in celebration of Christmas and the New Year of 2013, she was looking forward to participating in the party of the current year.


Mr. Tan Xiaoming, the Representative of leaders in the inviting unit and the Secretary of the Party Committee in Hubei Polytechnic Institute, said that for many years, Hubei Polytechnic Institute has opened up in education and connected to many foreign colleges and universities in a wide range in the principle of “serving Hubei province based on Xiaogan while depending on the urban circle of Wuhan”. Mr. Tan said that the institute was going to enlarge its scope in foreign affairs for profound communications with foreign countries.

Directors from the inviting party, Gaoxin Area of Xiaogan, Xiaogan Municipal Tourist Administration of Foreign Affairs, Xiaogan Municipal Education Bureau, Finance Bureau and Public Security Bureau also attended the activity.