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2014 total foreign trade value of Xiaogan reached 1.18 billion dollars, hitting 1 billion for the first time, with 14.9% year-on-year growth, learned from Xiaogan Municipal Bureau of Commerce on January 6. Export value rose to 0.94 billion, with 20.4% year-on-year growth which ranked third in Hubei.  


In 2014, both import and export trades were booming since Xiaogan had seen restructuring and upgrading of foreign trade by easing economic downturn, fitting to new economic trend, opening up global market , optimizing I&E product structure and making supportive policies.

84 more enterprises gained rights to engage in I&E trade, 57 of which showed export performance. 230 enterprises presented export performance in total. Chemical, electromechanical and textile & clothing industries as pillar industries are flourishing, obtaining monthly export of USD 0.1b since August. Such three industries are main source for USD 0.1b monthly export. in Xiaogan.

Xiaogan imports mechanical equipment, raw & auxiliary materials and processing products mainly from America and Europe. Imported advanced equipment and key parts play an important part in raising overall technological level, product quality and product competitiveness.