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On June 29, the geographical indication trademark – “Xiaogan rice wine” was displayed on 2017 Worldwide Symposium of Geographical Indications. The Worldwide Symposium of Geographical Indications is an institutional international conference hosted by World Intellectual Property Organization; it is a geographical indication conference which has the largest amount of participants and the greatest influence at present.

On July 21, 2001, after being verified and approved by Trademark Office, “Xiaogan rice wine” became the first trademark which was supported by geographical indication in Hubei Province. In producing Xiaogan rice wine, high-quality glutinous rice from Xiaogan is taken as raw material; after fermentation with honeycomb yeast which has a long history in Xiaogan, the rice wine which is as white as jadeite and has intoxicating and lasting faint scent will be produced. In 1958, Chairman Mao came to Xiaogan to inspect work, and after tasting Xiaogan rice wine, he praised “good taste and nice wine”.

In recent years, with the thorough implementation of brand strengthening city strategy in Xiaogan, more and more good results of trademark registration facilitation reform have come out; besides, long-term and strong development of geographical indication trademark cultivation in Xiaogan is obtained. After successful application of green tea of Dawu, Anlu cauliflower, Yumeng fish noodles, Xiaochang Taizi rice, Nanxiang radish, early-maturing nectarine in Xiaogan, Hanchuan lotus root, and Jianghan chicken, the number of geographical indication brands in Xiaogan reaches 17.