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Korean Media’s “Focus” on Yunmeng Shadow Play

Korean Masses’ Experience in Controlling the Shadow Play

Qin Ligang Introduced Yunmeng Shadow to Korean Friends on Site

“Hubei China – Korea Folk Culture and Art Exchange Programme” was inaugurated on April 15 in Culture and Art Museum of China in Seoul, Korea. Night in April 18, the exchange delegation returned home. On April 19, the reporters had an interview with the “Journey of Yunmeng Shadow Play in Korea”.

Diplomatic relationship between countries lies in close relations among the national. It is reported that each show and every calligraphy script for the folk culture and art exchange programme are presentations of the culture in Hubei, and also reflections of the profound friendship between Hubei people and Korean friends.

Yunmeng shadow play is the national intangible cultural heritage. Yunmeng People’s Government made a batch of shadow play presents in terms of the story of Huang Xiang (Shan Zhen Wen Qin: fan and warm quilts in winter for his father) by means of the ancient folk art. Qin Ligang, as a shadow play craftsman, was authorized to bring such gifts to Korea.

Before the opening ceremony, Qin gave the shadow play gifts to the responsible person of Culture and Art Museum of China in Seoul, Korea, and introduced the story of Huangxiang (Shan Zhen Wen Qin), the history and school of Yunmeng shadow play. The responsible person expressed a keen interest in Yunmeng and Yunmeng shadow play after learning the introduction, and would hung the shadow play in offices to advertise Yunmeng and Yunmeng shadow play to more Korean friends.

In addition, Qin said he brought 20 picture albums for advertising Yunmeng Shadow Play to Korea. These albums were gone in an instant by Korean friends upon their appearance on the opening ceremony.

In the cultural exchange in Korea, Qin prepared his masterpiece Monkey King’s Borrowing A Fan (Hou Wang Jie Shan) under the arrangement of the organizing committee. Qin made it specially for participating in Xiaogan Folk Culture&Art Competition in last year. Kim Yong-ae, the President of China-Korea Culture&Economy Friendship Association and President of Korea Folk Culture and Tourism Promotion Association raised her both thumbs to Qin after the performance. “The shadow play show was really amazing. I hope to invite you to Korea for such a show in future,” said Kim Yong-ae to Qin through the interpreter.

It was introduced that during the cultural exchange in Korea, the time of Yunmeng shadow play show was longest to be nearly 50min. It was a grand finale throughout the exchange programme. Korean people on the scene love it, and many foreign friends came to the backstage for curiosity. From the moment when Qin opened his case and set up the stage to ending of the performance in the afternoon, the course was filmed and interviewed by KBS. It was learnt that the documentary would be broadcast in April 26 in Korea.

Recommendation:The intangible cultural heritage Yunmeng shadow play is in an urgent to advance with times


“As the national intangible cultural heritage, Yunmeng shadow play should be innovated and keep pace with the development of times,” the accompanying Wu Zilin, Director of Department of Vocality, School of Music, Jianghan University said, “the music and accompaniment for Yunmeng shadow play Crane and Turtle is old and incapable to keep pace with times”, she said, “to an effort for research, inheritance and protection of intangible heritage”, Jianghan University has established Hubei Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center. We would like to help improve the music and accompaniment of Yunmeng shadow play.”

Zhang Tinahong, the standing committee member and Deputy Secretary General of Hubei Provincial Committee, CPPC and Deputy Council of Hubei Provincial Committee of Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League also said that the province had the intention to include the investigation into reinforcement development of Yunmeng shadow play in the provincial CPCC proposals to strive for obtaining special funds upon project approval.

In addition, Yu Qinghong, the accompanying reporter for this exchange programme and Chief Editor of www.ce.cn and Hubei Channel believed that, the plots and scenes audiences saw are not as excellent as these in the backstage. If audiences have an access to the backstage to let them know how to perform the shadow play, it will be different.