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Foreign-funded Enterprises in Xiaogan Ciry up to 330

With Total Investment of $3.55 Billion

On July 11, the reporters was informed from the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau that till the end of June, Xiaogan had foreign-funded enterprises amounted for 330 (including 140 branches), among which foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 184, accumulated a total investment of $3.55 billion and registered capital of $1.79 billion. Among them, Xiaogan's newly registered foreign-invested enterprises accounted for 10 (including 7 branches) for the first half of this year, with the total new investment of $20 million and the registered capital of $10 million.

The top three of the registered enterprises in Xiaogan are manufacturing industry for 129, information transmission, software and information services for 56 and wholesale and retail for 46. Top three industries of the enterprises’ registered capital are manufacturing for $1.31 billion, industry of the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries for $0.2 billion and wholesale and retail for $90 million.

According to reports, the source of foreign investment in Xiaogan is still mainly in Asia; foreign owned enterprise is the main business form of foreign investment enterprises in Xiaogan. From the enterprise registration number, ranking the top five countries (regions) are Hong Kong for 89, Taiwan for 29, the British Virgin Islands for 9, the United States for 8 and Japan for 7. From the foreign recognition payment volume, countries (regions) ranking the top three are Hong Kong for $0.91 billion, Taiwan for $0.14 billion and the British Virgin Islands for $90 million.