Xiaogan City lies in the margin of lake net, is interlaced with river and lake and boasts rich water resources. The total length of rivers is 4812.6 kilometers. There are 86 rivers with the flow length being more than 10 kilometers, 17 lakes and 376 reservoirs, among which two of them is of large scale. Plain lake of the south has accomplished many large irrigation works one by one, including reconstruction of Jianghan Levee, Re-channeling of Fuhuan River, Re-channeling of Dafushui River, excavation of Hanbei River and managing of Diaocha Lake. Eight large pump stations, including Miaotou Station, Jiahegou Station and Lianyudi Station, as well as 500 small-sized pump stations and 852 water gates, such as Xingou and Minle, were successively established; and several large-scale water channels were excavated to endow the whole city with a irrigation and drainage system, in which lakes are interlinked to rivers and rivers are connected with reservoirs. The normal water-holding capacity reached 1.975billion m3, with a general water-control capacity of 2.6 billion m3.