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Cultural and Creative Industrial Park

I. Project Background
Cultural and creative industry turns into the new highlight of global economy and modern industry development by virtue of unique industrial value chain and fast growing approach as well as extensive industry penetration, influence and radiation force. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of cultural industry and clearly put forward to promoting the cultural industry to be the pillar industry of national economy. Xiaogan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government clearly require constructing airport economic zone into a new city covering ecology, science & technology, culture and fashion, with population scale of 300 thousand. Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone will fully tap its historical culture deposits in the process of development and construction, pay attention to the application of high technology and modern flavor and elements, advocate adopting creative projects incubation as the highlight, taking “science + art” and “originality + fashion” as the feature to promote the construction of “creative urban area” and “creative city”.
II. Market Analysis
Just separated by a lake to Wuhan, Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone has unique location and traffic advantage as well as beautiful natural environment inside. Constructing Cultural and Creative Industrial Park and developing new pattern of cultural and creative industry here can utilize its advantages of location, traffic and natural environment as well as existing industrial base, science and education strength, market and other basic conditions in Wuhan. With the acceleration of development and construction process of the area and gather of popularity, the project may obtain good social benefit and economic benefit.  


III. Project Scale and Content
Phase I of Cultural and Creative Industrial Park of Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone covers an area of 1,000 Mu, where online game and animation industries cluster district, creative design district, leisure sightseeing tourist district, advertising exhibition district, film and television industry base, humanistic education base and supporting facilities are under planning and construction.
IV. Cooperation Mode
Joint and integrated development.


V. Project Progress
Currently, the project is in the stage of overall planning, park functional orientation and development and construction mode exploration.
VI. Contact Information
Project organization: Management Committee of Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone

Contact person: Huang Guoliang and Feng Lihua 

Tel: 0712-2496666

E-mail: 834529477@qq.com