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Jinlong Logistics Park

I. Project Background
Located at Xiaohan Avenue, Xiaogan City, Jinlong Logistics Park Project is close to Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao, Fujian-Yinchuan (Hanshi) Expressway and situated at the junction of Xiaogan High-tech Economic and Technological Development Zone, where there are prominent geographic position and location advantages. Jinlong Logistics Park Project has been listed in the Key Construction Projects of “the 12th Five-Year” Plan for Modern Logistics Industry Development in Hubei Province, Project Library of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Department of Transportation of Hubei Province, Key Construction Projects of Hubei Province in 2012, Key Construction Park for Modern Logistics Industry of Unprecedented Development in the 12th Five-Year Plan of Xiaogan City, Traffic and Transportation Planning in “the 12th Five-Year Plan” of Xiaogan City and Construction Park of Development Planning in “the 12th Five-Year Plan” of Commercial Circulation in Xiaogan City.
II. Project Scale and Contents
The project is planned to cover an area of 971 Mu (long-term planning is 3,000 Mu), with overall floorage of 770 thousand square meters. Construction Content of the project: Logistics Information Area, LTL(less-than-truckload) Area, Warehouse Area, Processing Area, Office Area, Life Service Area and Commercial Area. After the completion of the project, it will have the commodity exhibition function, technical services function, information exchange function, commodity transaction and other functions, which will be a large comprehensive modern logistics park integrating logistics procurement transaction, less-than-carload freight special line, information distribution and loading, warehousing and distribution, packaging, deep processing, parking, accommodation, catering and leisure, vehicle maintenance and office supporting into one.
III. Investment Scale
Total investment of the project is 1,200 million yuan, including 700 million yuan of enterprise self-raised funds and 500 million yuan of bank loan and other financing funds.
IV. Project Progress
Construction Land Use Planning Permit, Drawing of Property Line, Land Certificate, Environmental Impact Statement, Investment Recording Certificate and “Nine Connections and One Leveling” of the project are handled and overall planning program is in the process of reexamination. It is predicted that the construction will commence from July 2012. 
V. Investment Promotion Object
Large-scale business enterprises, production and processing enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, warehousing and distribution enterprises, international freight forwarder enterprises, regional distribution enterprises and the third party logistics enterprises.


VI. Cooperation Mode
Leasing and sale of areas for warehousing, processing plant, LTF and office; reasonable planning and adjustment on the needs of large-scale enterprises; overall joint development and strategic cooperation of the project; financial leasing of logistics equipment.


VII. Benefit Prediction
After the completion of the project, the logistics will drive the development of other industries, enhance the operation quality of national economy of Xiaogan City and even Hubei Province, facilitate the realization of goals of “the 12th Five-Year Plan” of Xiaogan City and even Hubei Province, promote the competitiveness of processing industry and manufacturing of Hubei as well as play a positive role in promoting the perfection of logistics system in Hubei Province, energy saving and reduction of logistics cost. At the same time, it will provide 15,000 jobs, realize one billion yuan of annual sales income and create about 117 million yuan of annual taxes.
VIII. Contact Information
Project address: No. 1, Xiaohan Avenue, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

Contact person: He Yunbin

Tel: 0712-2845829/13986508938

E-mail: hzjlwly@163.com

Project website: www.jlwly.com