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​ New Material Industrial Park

I. Project Content
Based on the Xiaogan Esun New Material Co., Ltd., it takes polylactic acid and polycaprolactone as its leading products and strives for creating new material industrial chain and constructing environment friendly new material industrial park; energetically introduce polylactic acid deep processing enterprises to realize coordinated-process production of polylactic acid series products and form industrial cluster of polylactic acid series products; energetically introduce manufacturing enterprises of biological materials, metal ceramic and aerospace materials to turn new material industry into one of the key industrial clusters of this region.
III. Construction Condition and Market Prospect
Xiaogan Esun New Material Co., Ltd. is invested and established by Shenzhen BrightChina Industrial Co., Ltd., with covering area of 500 Mu and total investment of 1 billion yuan, which will be the largest polylactic acid series products base across the county. Leading products of the Company are polylactic acid and polycaprolactone and both of them are degradable materials, which can replace traditional plastic. Polylactic acid is considered to be the most promising alternative to traditional plastic products in the 21st century, as it can ease the two big problems, namely shortage of petroleum resources and pollution of the environment and can be widely used in biological and medical materials, ecological fiber, biodegradable packaging materials, engineering plastics, electronic product environmental protection cleaning agent and other fields and the market prospect is broad. Xiaonan District is committed to supporting the expansion and growth of polylactic acid deep processing industry. We sincerely invite rubber and plastic industry and the supporting industry all around the world for mutual development.
III. Cooperation Mode
Sole proprietorship and joint investment.


IV. Contact Information
Project organization: Investment Promotion Bureau of Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

Contact person: Chen Chunyan and Wang Zhongfa

Tel: 0712—2059611