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​Paper Industrial Park

I. Project Content
In recent years, Xiaonan District of Xiaogan City successfully introduced a series of national well-known household paper enterprises, such as Gold Hongye, Vinda, Hengan, C&S, Geron and Wright and cultivated a series of paper products supporting enterprises, such as Jintianzhong, Jinzhuang, Fenghuan, Sengyuan, Hengfeng and Jinglong. Currently, there are more than 20 paper products manufacturing enterprises and the products cover the whole area of Central China and radiate markets of East China, Southwest China and Northwest China. Existing production capacity of paper products is more than 240 thousand tons and the productivity of leading products, household paper is more than 180 thousand tons, accounting for 7% of total output of household paper across the country and 10% in total output of high-grade household paper. In 2011, it was awarded honorary title “China production base for household paper” by China National Household Paper Industry Association and preliminarily built as one of the largest production bases for household paper in Central China. Paper products have been listed in the key supported industry of Hubei Province. Xiaonan District develops “two types of industries” (energy-saving and environment friendly) and constructs “three centers” (Paper Products Processing Center, Regional Research & Development Center and Product Logistics Center) by centering on “one goal” (building of “China Paper City”) to further develop and expand paper industry and create characterized industrial clusters; aims at realize that the annual output of paper products is more than 1.3 million tons after 2-3 years of efforts (including more than 600 thousand tons of household paper) and total value of output is more than 10 billion yuan. We keep the foothold of middle part and radiate the whole country to create “China Paper City” and plan to invite paper enterprises of household paper, cultural paper and packaging paper and paper supporting enterprises in paper machinery and plastic package to invest and develop in Xiaogan for mutual development. 
II. Cooperation Mode
Sole proprietorship and joint investment.


III. Contact Information
Project organization: Investment Promotion Bureau of Xiaonan District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

Contact person: Chen Chunyan and Wang Zhongfa

Tel: 0712—2059611