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Jingu City-Central Home Furnishing Industrial Park

I. Project Background
Located at the north of Hanchuan City, Jingu City-Central Home Furnishing Industrial Park is close to Hanchuan Exit of Wuhan-Jinmen Expressway and next to Hanbei River on the north, owns Wujin Expressway, Wuhan-Xiaogan First-class Highway and Chuanliu First-class Highway, reaches Xiaogan on the north with the distance of 30 km, adjoins Xinandu of Dongxihu District of Wuhan City, has the distance of 39 km from Tianhe International Airport and is only 18 km away from the largest bonded logistics zone of inland, which is the strategic area of economic development of Hanchuan City. There is Wuhan-Jinmen Expressway, Wuhan-Shiyan Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. Therefore the traffic is very convenient. Highway and railway transportation are very convenient. The park has flat terrain, good external conditions, convenient and fast traffic and logistics, which are conducive to the implementation and completion of the project. Jingu City-Central Home Furnishing Industrial Park is sited in Liujiage Town of Hanchuan City. Liujiage Town, the famous ancient town with the distance of 4.5 km from the north of Hanchuan City, an important business center and regional transit center of the middle reaches of Yangtze River, developed at its best from Yongle Period to Jiajing Period of the Ming Dynasty, and got the good reputation of “Small Nanjing” owing to the prosperous of “three platforms, six scenes and seventy-two flower streets”. Liujiage got its former name of Jingu City in the Five Dynasties, which is the political, economic and cultural center of Hanchuan. The project is named for Jingu City to take the meaning of “construct the park and develop the city” and aimed at developing Liujiage, the millennium town into furniture production center, logistics distribution center and commercial and trade center covering “1+8” city circle and radiating Central China through constructing demonstration park of modern home furnishing industry and taking home furnishing as the pillar industry.


II. Market Analysis
Although household building materials industry belongs to labor-intensive traditional industry, it is a big industry among basic necessities of life of human beings. With the growth in the material, cultural and living standards of people, household consumption idea is also changing. Period of renewal and replacement is shortened to 5-6 years at present from several tens of years in the past. Home furnishing industry is continuously improved and innovated from raw materials, processing technology and pattern and the industrial chain is continuously extended and expanded; constant emergence of relevant industries and products and customers’ pursuit for new tide, fashion and taste constitute continuous market demand of the industry.
At present, furniture production throughout the country is mainly distributed in five big areas: Guangdong, East China, North China Circum-Bohai Ring, the Northeast and Sichuan, where the production quantity of furniture accounts for about 90% of the total home furnishing production of the whole country. In which, Guangdong accounts for one-third of the total production quantity of the whole country and its export amount accounts for about 43% of that of the whole country. After the financial crisis, export of furniture products is blocked and a large number of furniture manufacturing enterprises are in the situations of production stop and reduction; manufacturers have to transfer the sale point to domestic market, especially Wuhan area of Central China. Managers of “EASYHOME”, “Red Star Macalline” and “JSWB” in Guangdong and other large-scale production enterprises came to Wuhan and the city circle for investigation one after another, showed strong desire of investment and expected to reduce costs on production, transportation, storage and transaction to win greater market space.
In order to cultivate the market of home furnishing industry, Wuhan is developing a large-scale comprehensive supermarket radiating the Central China by depending on Gutian and Hankou; its newly developed area is about 4 million square meters and total scale is three times of the existing market. Therefore, the market prospect is huge.


III. Project Scale and Content
Jingu City-Central Home Furnishing Industrial Park Project, with planned covering area of 9,000 Mu (about 6 square kilometers) and total investment of 5 billion yuan, including industrial projects, commercial projects and supporting infrastructure construction investment. In which, construction investment of industrial project is about 3 billion yuan. It is predicted that more than 50 large and middle-size wood furniture enterprises and other house wares manufacturing enterprises will be introduced to form the biggest home furnishing industrial cluster with production value more than tens of billions yuan in Central China. There is about 2 billion yuan of construction investment for business supporting projects to construct home furnishing headquarter, research and development center, office center, residential and commercial district, trading market, logistics center and other dozens of business supporting projects of shopping, culture, leisure and entertainment as well as park road, afforestation and other infrastructure construction. 
IV. Project Progress
The project is planned to be finished in 6 years. The first phase is from January 2010 to September 2011, with planned development area of 1,500 Mu for completing infrastructure construction and investment promotion projects construction in project planning; the second phase is from October 2011 to September 2013, with planned development area of 2,000 Mu; the third phase is from October 2013 to September 2015, with planned development area of 2,200 Mu for completely finishing the development of the project.


V. Cooperation Mode
Operation mode of Jingu City-Central Home Furnishing Industrial Park Project: the People’s Government of Hanchuan City, as the administrative subject, will be responsible for the overall situation of industrial park infrastructure investment and relevant policy support, provide preferential policies and tax exemption to make up for the municipal infrastructure investment of investors used for the industrial park, as well as provide guidance, supervision, coordination and services for the construction of the project. Hubei Jingu City Properties Co., Ltd., as the main part of park investment and operation, will be responsible for the overall construction and specific operation of Jingu City Home Furnishing Industrial Park, by taking methods of independent management, independent development and independent investment promotion to achieve rolling development. Under the general background that the state is promoting revitalization plan for rise of Central China and transferring home furnishing of coastal region to inland on a large scale, it is high time to construct Jingu City-Central Home Furnishing Industrial Park. Home furnishing industry will become the fourth pillar industry following food and medicine, clothing textiles and metal products and the fourth pole in the economic development of Hanchuan.
VI. Benefit Prediction
The project will be built as the biggest comprehensive home furnishing production base in Central China matching Wuhan market and integrating research and development of products, production, storage and logistics. The project is planned to allow 40-50 enterprises to settle down, with total investment about 4.6 billion yuan, annual gross value of industrial output about ten billion yuan, tax revenue more than 100 million yuan and newly addable working population of 30 thousand, so as to realize the population of the park reaching 60 thousand and generate huge economic benefit and social benefit.  
VII. Contact Information
Global investment promotion special line: +86 (27)59236666/ 18602726666