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Textile and Garment Industrial Park

I. Project Background
1. Location advantage: as core group city of Wuhan “8+1” city circle, with establishment of interurban railway and highway, Yingcheng will integrate with Wuhan and become an important strategy pivot occupying central and western regional market in processing and manufacturing industry.


2. Transportation advantage: with commissioning of Wuhan-Jingmen section of Hangzhou-Lanzhou Expressway, Yingcheng is only 53km from Wuhan central city and it takes 30 minutes to reach Wuhan city center and 40 minutes to reach Tianhe Airport. Changjing Railway crosses the whole area and there is one passenger station and one freight station. Wuhan-Chongqing Railway, provincial Hankou-Yichang Highway, Wuhan-Xiangfan Expressway and Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway cross the area. Inland water transportation is connected with Han River and Yangtze River and megaton water transport terminal is built in the city center.
3. Cost advantage: water and electricity in Yingcheng is in abundant supply. Daily power supply capacity in the city center is no less than 220MW and electricity price in the valley period of great industry is only 0.252yuan. Water supply capacity can completely satisfy demand of urban industrial production and people’s life. Current price standard of industrial water is 2.3yuan/m3. Current price standard of industrial natural gas is 3.05yuan/m3. If annual demand is enormous, the price can be reduced to 3yuan. Labor is abundant and labor cost is low: common worker 1000-1500yuan/month, skilled labor 1200-2000yuan/month.

4. Infrastructure advantage: Textile and Garment Industrial Park under planning and construction has completed infrastructure construction such as land leveling, main road, water supply and drainage, power supply, sewage treatment and Wuhan-Jingmen Expressway linking the park with the outside and Yingcheng connection line have been built and open to traffic.
II. Market Analysis
With the rapid development of clothing industry in China, every one cloth of 3 clothes in the world comes from China. The gross sale of textile and garment manufacturing industry reaches 11 trillion yuan and its total profit is about 60 billion yuan in 2010. Inland provinces have become the areas where clothing enterprises actively invest. Especially central and western regions have a better development momentum and realized rapid development.


In Textile Industry Restructuring and Revitalization Plan, one of the key tasks in industrial restructuring is optimizing regional distribution and promoting industrial transfer. In this situation, the clothing industrial transfer took on an accelerating momentum under the double influences of enterprise’s market behavior and policy guidance in 2012. There is a huge grow-up space in domestic brand clothing consumption. Rapid urbanization progress and rapid development in central and western region become the important impetus for the increase of clothing consumption and the next 10 years will be the golden period for the development of domestic clothing consumption.


III. Project Scale and Content
The project is planned to cover an area of 1000 Mu. 10 to 20 processing enterprises such as textile raw materials, garment materials, garment production, auxiliary materials etc. will be established and a textile and clothing industrial base integrating weave, water washing and costume design, processing, textile printing, market will be established.


IV. Investment Estimation
Predicted total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan.


V. Cooperation Mode
1. Enterprise self-building: the enterprise acquires land and builds in the Park according to its actual demand. Through cluster development, an industrial park with complete industry chain will be formed.

2. Leasing management: we will establish ancillary facility such as plants according to enterprise’s requirements and then leases them to the enterprise.

3. Buying out by stages: we will establish ancillary facility such as plants according to enterprise’s requirements and offers them to the enterprise. Then the enterprise will buy out the asset ownership year by year.

4. Cooperation construction: we will establish ancillary facility such as plants according to enterprise’s requirements and offers them to the enterprise. Then it is converted to the dividend of the shares as per a certain proportion
VI. Project Progress
The project is under planning at present.


VII. Benefit Prediction
The predicted annual sales are 1.5 billion yuan and the profit is 100 million yuan after establishment of the project.


VIII. Contact Information
Project organization: Investment Promotion Bureau of Yingcheng District, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province
Contact person: Liao zhenwen 
Tel: 0712—3232998