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Shanghai Industrial Park of Xiaogan City

I. Park Introduction
Located in Xiaotian Industrial Park, Xiaogan Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province, Shanghai Industrial Park of Xiaogan City is just at the distance of 2 km from the exit of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, with floor area of 140 hectares (2,100 Mu), including 119 hectares (1,775 Mu) of industrial land. Main functions of the park: absorb economic projects of each industry headquarter settled down in Xiaogan, create undertaking platform for industry transfer of the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center, create conditions for eastern enterprises to seize the opportunities of rise of central china and two type society construction in Wuhan metropolitan area to form a new industrialization demonstration area with “sound service system, perfect park function, centralized investment subject, distinct industry characteristic and obvious scale effect” and an area gathering competitive industries.  


II. Enterprise Settlement
At present, three projects of Hubei Hanhaixin Investment Development Co., Ltd, namely development project, electronics production project and project of metal products processing city have been settled in the park; the products involve in precision machining, new-type automobile light source and special light source products production, energy-saving equipment manufacturing, electronic products production and processing, shipping accessories production, auto spare parts and other aspects.


III. Contact Information
Project organization: Investment Promotion Bureau of Xiagan Economic Development Zone
Contact person: Zhu Dan and Ye Jianwen
Tel: 0712-2321671