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Taiwan Businessman Industrial Park of Xiaogan

I. Park Introduction
In order to enhance the economic and trade cooperation between Xiaogan and Taiwan, introduce advanced technology, fund and management experience, improve the industrial structure of the city, quicken the economic development at the same level and realize win-win situation in economic and trade cooperation between Xiaogan and Taiwan, Taiwan Businessman Industrial Park of Xiaogan sincerely attracts investment from Taiwan. Located in Hubei Xiaogan Economic Development Zone, Taiwan Businessman Industrial Park of Xiaogan has 2 million square meters (about 3, 000 Mu) of planning control area and 1 million square meters (about 1,500 Mu) of park core area, which mainly introduces industries of electronics and auto parts processing and machining.

Taiwan Businessman Industrial Park of Xiaogan is taking shape preliminarily. Location advantages of the park are richly endowed by nature. The park is united with Xiaogan city area, with approximate distances of 1,000 km from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi’an and other domestic center cities. The park is close to Wuhan City, the megalopolis in Central China, with the distance of 50km from Wuhan city center. The park has well-developed traffic and complete water, land and air transportation network. It is central section of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, main artery from north to south and has state II-level railway passenger and goods transport station. It is the intersection of two vertical and three horizontal lines of national backbone road network, where the density of expressways and national and provincial roads ranks the first in Hubei Province. The park is at the confluence of three expressways, Beijing-Zhuhai (Beijing-Zhuhai), Fuyin (Fujian-Yinchuan) and Hurong (Shanghai-Chengdu) and two national roads, 107 (Beijing-Shenzhen) and 316 (Fuzhou-Lanzhou); range of driving from the park to all expressways entrances are within 10 minutes. The park is just 30 km away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, the aviation hub port in Central China and accessible directly through first-class highway and expressway. The development zone is close to the golden waterway of Yangtze River and is 60 km away from Port of Wuhan, the first port in inland China and accessible directly through Xiaogan-Wuhan Expressway and several classified highways. All infrastructures and supporting facilities of the park are in readiness and “nine connections and one leveling” (connections of strong current, weak current, natural gas, supply water, draining water, network, telephone and road and land leveling) are realized. 
II. Enterprise Settlement
At present, there are three Taiwan-funded enterprises, namely Sanfa Steel Furniture Co., Ltd., Taiqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanglin Food Co., Ltd.; the products involve in industries of furniture manufacture, electronic products, food sales and raw material processing. In addition, there are Taiwai-invested projects of 10 enterprises are in negotiation. It is predicted that Taiwai-invested projects of 5 enterprises will be settled down and two Taiwan-funded enterprises will be constructed and put into operation in 2010.
III. Preferential Policy
At the same time of fully implementing all national, provincial and municipal preferential and supporting policies for Taiwan-funded enterprises, corresponding privileges and support will be provided for the projects conforming to industrial development planning of Xiaogan Economic Development Zone in the aspects of project site provision, infrastructure supporting, tax incentives, project construction, enterprise operation and excellent service.
IV. Contact Information
Project organization: Investment Promotion Bureau of Xiagan Economic Development Zone

Contact person: Zhu Dan and Ye Jianwen

Tel: 0712-2321671

E-mail: xgzs0712@163.com