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Xiaonan, with a population of 850,000, is the hometown of Dong Yong, a dutiful son in Han Dynasty. It is the only   district directly under Xiaogan Government, and the political, economic and cultural center of Xiaogan City. It is located in the north of Yangtze River of Central Hubei Province, and closes to the provincial capital, Wuhan, with its southern part.

Xiaonan has a long history and is of long standing. Since its establishment in the Later Tang Dynasty, Xiaonan enjoys more than 1,000 years of history so far.

Xiaonan is gathering of talents and humanities and people there are honest and warm-hearted. Xiaonan has produced three Royal Preceptors in the history, namely Chen Yi, the Preceptor of Emperor Zhao Xi in Song Dynasty, Xiong Cilv, the Preceptor of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, and Qiao Yongqian, the Preceptor of Emperor Xianfeng in Qing Dynasty. It is awarded “Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture” and “Hometown of Chu Opera  of Hubei Province”.

Xiaonan is an important town with regional advantages. It is 50km away from the downtown of Wuhan City, and 40km away from Tianhe Airport. Within the district, Beijing-Hong Kong-Marco Expressway and Yinfu Expressway are criss-cross with 107 and 316 National Roads. Jing-Guang electric railway passes through this area; vehicles there set off in the morning and arrive in the evening, thus, the logistics distribution there is very convenient and fast.

Xiaonan has developed very fast. It abounds in rice, cotton, aquatic products and vegetables, and is one of the “Four Major Peaches” among the country, as well as national commodity grain bases. In terms of its industry, Xiaonan has formed many industrial systems, including household paper, floors and home furnishing, mech-electronic, medicine and food industry; it is the largest household paper production base and marketing pivot in the country.