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Ancient streets of Ming and Qing dynasties in Xiaohe, are also called West Street. The river goes across the street and flows towards the north and then into the water lock, therefore, it is called as Xiaohe (literally small river). It was built in Song Dynasty and located in the northern part of the hub in Xiaogan. The convenient land and water transport is conducive and generation after generation of people are engaged in trade and merchants have come over from all over the places. From Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Period of Republic of China, the street was with a forest of masts and the roads are thronged with horses, carriages or cars. Therefore, it was called as “Small Hankou”. Although went through all the vicissitudes of life, the building style and feature in Ming and Qing dynasty have still been maintained. Currently, the residential buildings basically maintain the Ming and Qing dynasty’s style. Most of them are two-story lofts with civil engineering structures and the width of the eaves gallery is 1 to 2m. The deepest building is with seven layers and six courtyards. The number of the registered commercial tenants in this street is up to 185 and the annual sales is 38.5 million Yuan and the tax revenue is 2.2 million Yuan.