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Nanahe Ancient Ferry is located under Longmen Mountain which is 30 kilometers away from the south of Hanchuan and this Ferry is a branch in the south of Hanchuan from Jiugang passing Caidian and then gathering in Han River; a ferry was arranged at Longmen Mountain in ancient times, therefore, it was called as Nanhe Ferry. Nanhe Ferry was an ancient boat quay leading to Qianjing and Mianyang and also an important transportation gate of the south corner of Hanchuan and then gradually developed as a town.

Market fair of Nanhe Ancient Ferry is located in Xiangnan area of ancient Hanchuan and has great influence. The west of ancient Nanhe Ferry was Yunmeng Lakes, and before Han River incorporates into the channel, all ships in Xiangnan area of Hanchuan which run southwestward like Xiantao and Qianjiang will gather here for boarding, therefore, with many people coming and going, this market fair was extremely busy so that many merchants were gathering here and the market was prosperous. The west of it is a Wugui Mountain full of natural and fantastic scenery. The mountain is just like a vivid tortoise corresponding to its name; its head is concealed in water surface; its tail connects with Nanhe Ferry market fair; a pavilion in the clouds is on the mountain (turtleback), which forms beautiful landscape and swaying ancient ferry, therefore, tourists will have the feeling of exposure to fairyland, especially in starry and bright night.

Although Nanhe Ancient Ferry is now silted, the relic of Nanhe Ferry market fair still remains and there are still 5 bluestone streets here, which is the historical evidence of ancient prosperous scene of Nanhe Ferry.