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In the spring of 1983, workers in the work farm of Hanchuan Public Security Bureau found a natural cave when quarrying in Nanhe Ma Mountain. Ma Mountain in which the cave is located is a small lime lithogenous mountain with the height of about 50m, and the mouth is located in the southern foot of the mountain, which is 10m high from the foot. The cave is in triangle shape with the height of about 0.5m and width of about 1m. Entering from the mouth, people cannot walk upright but only can slip downward. After reaching 20m, the bottom is relatively flat with the height of 1.8m and width of 1.2m. After traveling forward for about 10m, a cave will be present, which is 7m long and its width is similar to the main cave. After continuous travel for about 10m, there is a spacious rock chamber in square shape and its length and width are equal to 5m and its height is 2m. There is a square stone in the middle of rock chamber with length and width of about 3, which is just like a stock table. After turning left, you can see a cave, and elimination of danger is not conducted for this cave, so its slope is straight up and the length is 50m at lease. It is predicted that the length of the whole cave is above 200m.

What makes it worth to be surprising is that multicolored rock flowers fully cover the rock wall inside the cave, which is so beautiful. Some looks like fungus, safflower, etc. and there are also stone flowers, stone pillars and stone lion heads looking like chickens and birds on the rock wall of the top of cave. If there is light inside the cave, those rock flowers will be dazzling and more unique.

The north of Nanhe Cave is 15km away from Makou, and the west of it is only 1km away from cultural sites of the Western Zhou dynasty at Wugui Mountain, and the new north road passes through here, with the advantages of convenient transportation and beautiful landscapes, the development and construction of the cave is of great importance to develop tourism.