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The cemetery of revolutionary martyrs from border area between Hubei and Henan is located at Lingyuan Road in urban area of Dawu County and is a national scenic spot of class AAA. It is also one of ten large martyrs' cemeteries in our country, one of the first batches of protection units of key memorial buildings of martyrs in our country and one of a hundred patriotism education bases in our country. The main building consists of the monument to revolutionary martyrs from border area between Hubei and Henan, the monument to martyrs breaking through central China, memorial hall of martyrs, ancestral temple of martyrs, bar and square. About 1,000 cultural relics are preserved in the cemetery. Li Xiannian, Xu Xiangqian, Jiang Zemin and Liu Huaqing, the original Party and state leaders, successively wrote names of steles and inscriptions for the cemetery. It is a good base for revolutionary traditional education.