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Qianchong Ginkgo Valley is located at Wangyizhen Town, Anlu City and is a national ginkgo forest park. The ginkgo in Ginkgo Valley has a good name, “giant panda in plant kingdom”, is the “living fossil” for research on geological evolution of ancient Earth and characteristic old and rare tree species in our country and has been listed as the second level valuable and rare tree species to be protected in our country. This spot has the largest ancient ginkgo community in central China. There are 48 ancient ginkgoes which have lived for over 1,000 years, 180 over 500 years and 4,370 over 100 years, 36 scenic spots with more than 25 over 1,000-year contiguous ginkgoes and four parks of king of ginkgoes, cherry bay, cypress and phyllostachys bambusoides. Qianchong ancient ginkgoes not only have rarely large quantity and long history, but also have various tree shapes, including couple tree, lover tree, descendant tree and tree of mother and child which are of high ornamental value and interest. In November, 2009, the first Chinese Ginkgo Festival was successfully held here.