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It is located in the east of Jianghan Plain, at the bank of Han River and 13km to the west of Hanchuan City which is 50km away from Wuhan. This lake is the first enclosed lake in our country and has long been known as “bright pearl of Jianghan”. The lake water covers an area of 140,000Mu.

The scenic spot has clear and green rippling lake water, beautiful and tranquil natural environment and fresh air. In spring, the forest is verdant and metasequoia and weeping willow are luxuriantly green; in summer, ten thousand of lotuses are in full bloom and the spot is full of brilliant purples and reds; in autumn, lotus seed is rich and fished dive happily in the water; in winter, the spot is covered by white snow, lake surface is frozen and wild gooses and ducks inhabit. The exceedingly fascinating and charming Diaocha Lake with four distinctive seasons and picturesque landscape is a good place for sightseeing and entertainment.

It is said that there was a mussel spirit in Diaocha Lake. Every time it was sunny after rained, it would bask its clothes and shell. The pearls in its belly would radiate fantastic light to immediately make the sky and earth colorful and let the lake put in a beautiful coat. Now the legend has come true. The lotus in Diaocha Lake is one of six famous lotuses in our country. It can be viewed as scenery and is of extremely high medicinal value.