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The total area of Hanchuan Park is 410,000m2 where the water area is 134,000m2, green area is 267,000m2 and building area and area of hardened road are 9,000m2. The park consists of 8 scenic spots, namely “step forward at impregnable pass”, “good fortune”, “water borne lotus”, “big waves in silver lake”, “flying attack at shoal”, “high stand with unobstructed view”, “fairy benefiting mankind” and “sugarbush and red sunglow”.

The project construction was undertaken by Hanchuan Silver Lake Real Estate Co., Ltd. which is a real estate development company integrating real estate with construction of parks and landscapes registered by Wuhan Silver Lake Technology Development Co., Ltd., subordinate to Hubei Fuxing Group, with RMB 10 million and founded in June, 2007.

The construction period of the scenic region is over 2 years and it opened on October 1, 2009. The tourists can walk, bicycle, play chess, row and sing and dance with others in the park. It is especially a good relaxation place for young people and lovers at night. According to rough estimates, there are over 1,000 tourists in average in the park per day.