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Xinjingyuan Ecological Park tourist resort is located at No. 1 of Huangxiao Road, Xihe Town, Xiaonan District, Xiaogan, 5km away from the west of national road G107 and the east of Jing-Zhu Highway and 37km away from Tianhe Airport.

In the Xinjingyuan scenic region, the plants flourish, spring stays all the year round, the environment is beautiful and tranquil and the air contains special fresh smell of grange. The lake, bridge, pavilion and rockery form a delightful contrast and the gallery of farm tool is amazing. There are more than 20,000 valuable fruit trees which are luxuriantly green in the scenic region. Walking here makes people relaxed and happy. There is no urban hustle or pollution which appears in city and you can indulge in the comfort and tranquility of open country.

The scenic region is divided into six areas, namely farming experience park, leisure farm and yurt, flower and fruit garden, fishing center, recreation center and business center. There are 300 parking spaces, large and small meeting rooms which can accommodate 600 people in total, 300 three-star guest rooms for accommodation of 600 people, a dining hall on lake for 600 people dining at the same time and 18 large and small multifunctional compartments. It has always been an ideal place for people to return to nature, relax and enjoy happiness and will be the best choice for your tour and leisure, academic communication, business negotiation and gathering with relatives and friends.

Recreational activities: body-building, movie theatre, table tennis, billiards, chess and cards, KTV, sauna for health care, vegetable and fruit picking, fishing, boating and farming experience, etc.