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New Bus of Bus Line Is Put Into Operation
Sit Comfortably and Look Beautifully


“Bus Line 8 has replaced its old buses. The compartment is clean, spacious, and it sits comfortably and looks beautifully. It’s amazing!” said excitedly by Mr. Zhou (an elderly man) in the new bus, who intended to buy articles for the Spring Festival in Xiaogan downtown from Sancha Town, Xiaonan District.

20 new-energy buses were formally “put into operation” in Bus Line 8 on February 1. The reporter learned that the batch of new buses is pay-to-driver buses with hybrid electric oil and new energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and low-carbon buses. With the speed per hour less than 40km, electric power is taken as the driving force. After the speed per hour mentioned above is exceeded, the vehicle can be automatically converted to diesel power. Compared with traditional bus, the vehicle type has achieved “zero emission” under low speed status and is characterized with low noise and low energy consumption. Safety emergency measures are complete in the bus: compartment door is wide and the compartment is furnished with fire extinguisher and safety hammer. In case of emergency, passengers can rescue and evacuate rapidly. Spacious compartment also improves environment for passengers drastically.

Related person in charge of Municipal Bus Company indicated that, the remaining 20 new buses will be successively supplemented on other bus lines in the downtown according to demand for transport capacity of bus route of Xiaogan urban area, which is to create good environment for travel of citizens. In addition, original IC cards can still be used.