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From November 20 to January 19, 2016, the Traffic Police Department in Xiaogan will carry out the special action on centralized regulation of serious road traffic violations throughout the whole city to further normalize the driving order on the roads, and eliminate the potential traffic accident.

During the centralized regulation, the serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, “driving during drug addiction”, driving with exceeding capacity, overspeed, overload, fatigue driving, and forced overtaking will be punished by law; the serious traffic violations such as use of forge, altered, and embezzled license plate for motor vehicle, driving without license plate and driving license, passing in violation of road traffic signal light, change of lanes not as specified, not giving way as specified will be seriously punished; the illegal crime suspects of dangerous driving such as drunk driving, “driving during drug addiction”, driving chase shall be punished.

During the regulation, the municipal traffic police detachment will enforce the law in a mobile way on important road sections of all counties, towns and districts, and the police force can be alternatively used in different places for focus on regulation.