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Train Ticket for National Day Period Has Been Sold Ahead of 60 Days

There Are Many Online Sold Tickets 

Journalist learned on August 22 from Xiaogan Railway Station that, train ticket for National Day period had been pre-sold online and Xiaogan Railway Station sold tickets of National Day period on August 4. Railway Station staff introduced: “there are many tickets sold online and tickets sold on ticket window are relatively few.”

Journalist logged in 12306 phone APP and found that, all tickets of K1007 train (Xiaogan-Guangzhou East) from October 1 to October 7 have been sold out basically and all tickets of K600 train (Xiaogan-Beijing West) from October 1 to October 7 have been sold out. There are only few tickets of K22 train, K158 train and Z208 train from October 1 to October 4 and tickets from October 5 to October 7 have been sold out basically. At the same time, there are only few tickets of partial trains leaving for Kunming and Changsha. 

With starting of school season and students’ returning to school, daily passenger flow volume in railway station can reach 3500-5000 person and passenger flow volume on weekend can be 4000-5000 persons. In order to facilitate passengers with many parcels, Xiaogan Railway Station optimizes luggage transportation service and advices passengers with luggage exceeding 50 kilograms to consign it in two parts in luggage and parcel office. Charging will be based on parcel weight and consignment mileage. Staff illustrates: “consignment expense for luggage from Xiaogan to Beijing is 2.8 yuan per kilogram, which is half cheaper than express delivery. It provides much convenience for passengers.”

Presale period for passenger ticket in Xiaogan Railway Station at present: for ticket booked by telephone and online sold ticket, presale period is prolonged to 60 days, including the current day; presale period for passenger ticket agency, ticket vending machine and station ticket window will be prolonged for another 2 days simultaneously, including the current day. Station personnel remind that, train tickets in National Day period are hard-to-get and passenger would better buy tickets ahead of time.