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Gunzi River--Red Cross--Sports Road--Primary School of Sports Road--Quanzhouguoji Shopping Mall--Fensi Crossroad--Municipal Transport Agency--Xiaogan High School--Jiaotong West Crossroad--Guakoucun-Tongda Apartment--South Gate of Hubei Engineering University--Yigong Pedlars' Market--Municipal Police Station--Wenhua Road--Municipal Maternal and Child Care Centre--People's Square--Telecommunications Office--Taizi Street--Dongyong Park--Dadongmen Commercial City--No.1 Hospital of Xiaogan--Meiningguan Community--Nanqiao Community--Education Building--Rongxing Resort--Wolong Township Government

In winter: 6:30-20:00

In summer: 6:20-20:00

The interval of buses is 5 minutes in general and 4 minutes in rush hour.