Xiaogan downtown witnesses Road Bridge lighting project
3 downtown Road Bridges will wear “evening dress” before spring festival


Constructors are clearing up aging light pipes in overcrossings

Road Bridge lighting project led by Xiaogan Urban Management Bureau started on Jan. 5 and was expected to be completed before Feb. 4, learned from the Bureau on Jan. 5. By then, 3 downtown overcrossings will “wear dresses” made of light pipes, making them stunning scenes in Xiaogan.

Our reporter noticed 3 constructors setting up ladders to clear up aging light pipes on the overcrossing in People's Square, Rd Chengzhan and 1 constructor placing road cones to remind drivers of detour. Sign board was also erected beside the scaffold, indicating project name and time thus keeping the residents informed.

“Our main job in earlier stage is to remove aging light pipes and clean the overcrossing, which will have slight effect on traffic”, said one constructor. Construction company has interacted with traffic department before construction for traffic dispersion and security control. It has also contacted gardening department for flowerpot removal. “The public management division will provide power source for overcrossing in Huaiyin Revenue and in People's Square and will also install electricity meter on overcrossing located in passenger station to ensure in-time construction”, said the constructor.

It is learned that spotlights and simple lights were once installed on overcrossings, which failed to beautify the city. This year, however, 3 overcrossings in People's Square, Huaiyin Revenue, and passenger station will be “decorated” since January 5, upon design of CSADI and under guidance of the Bureau. “The construction company mainly use digital light pipes to highlight the overcrossings’ structure and shape, thus creating bright and lively environment. The project is expected to be finished prior to Spring Festival.”

Person in charge of the Bureau said that in order to complete the lighting project before the Festival, it established a special work team to coordinate and safeguard water and electricity utilization as well as traffic dispersion. The construction company works hard, aiming to complete installation and color adjustment before February 5 for approval. This person also said the overcrossings after decoration will look beautiful, fashionable, and noble, lighting Xiaogan’s night scene.