Prospering Industries Enriching Thousands of Families

 – Review of Industrial Poverty Alleviation Work Promoted in Xiaogan

When one enters the Hejie Village, Zhuzhan Town, Xiaonan District in autumn, the beautiful countryside pictures will come into sight: flat cement roads directly lead to farmyards, vegetable greenhouses with steel structure are end to end, and farmers weeding and planting seedlings in the farm beam with smiles with the sight of green vegetables.

In recent years, the city takes the poverty alleviation and development as an important content for building a comprehensive well-off society, and strives to construct the great poverty alleviation layout with “special poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation and social poverty alleviation” merged into one and “government, market, and society” promoted jointly, so the vivifying specialty industries carry the hope for overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity of the masses, and the economy and society in poverty-stricken areas show the good momentum of accelerated development.

Develop industries according to local conditions and life of peasants will become better

In Dawu and Xiaochang under the jurisdiction of Xiaogan, two key counties included in the national plan for poverty alleviation and development, there are 503 poor villages, 113.4 thousand poor households and 339.5 thousand poor people filed for record.

The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government take the initiative to increase pressure by realizing the poverty alleviation objectives in advance. How can Xiaogan overcome the difficulty?

It is presented that Xiaogan will explore a poverty alleviation road of precise drip irrigation based on the advanced experience to realize three precisions of precise identification, precise management and precise policy implementation, and highlight the six important poverty alleviation tasks of spirit, industry, education, medical care, movement and minimum security among which the development of industry to enrich people is the key for getting rich of poor people, because poverty alleviation without support of industry can only last for a short while without lasting effect of income increase and wealth. The role of industrial poverty alleviation goes without saying.

With regard to the poverty alleviation road, the face of Li Anxue, a farmer of Hejie Village, Zhuzhan Town who gradually lives a better life was full of happy smile. He happily said: “my family has always been the poor household, and this year the income from one Mu sweet potato leaves is more than five thousand yuan through the greenhouse construction fund supported by the government subsidy, so our life is better and better.”

The Hejie village is next to the boundary river, and most of the land is sandy soil loam which is soft and suitable for vegetables. The village leads peasants to further develop the vegetable cultivation industry with a view to creating a “vegetable basket” oriented towards Wuhan and driving the poor households to increase income and get rid of poverty. At present, there is 220 Mu vegetable cultivation area developed, and there are 194 vegetable greenhouses of steel structure among which there are 52 greenhouses of poor households supported by the fund for subsidy. Next, the vegetable cultivation area will be expanded to 350 Mu reaching 70% of the total contracting land area of peasants in the village; the vegetable greenhouses will increase to 400 reaching about 70% of the vegetable cultivation area; for poor households in the village, each will cultivate 2 Mu vegetables in average with more than 2 greenhouses.

Industrial poverty alleviation motivates the new energy for wealth and realizes “strengthening themselves for win-win”. In recent years, the city accurately finds the advantages for industrial development, and actively guides the poor villages and poor people to find the accurate development roads according to their own conditions during poverty alleviation and development. The agriculture, industry, commerce and tourism shall find what is appropriate for them. Try to make good use of the landscape and give full play to the revolutionary resources and natural resources. Each county (city, district) will try to cultivate one or two characteristic pillar industries and broaden the channel for income increase and wealth of poor people.

How to support? The practical measures are adopted in poor areas. In Dawu County, the policy supports such as micro-credit and substitute subsidies with rewards are adopted to offer an interest subsidy of 15 million yuan for loan of poor households who will set up agricultural operating entity every year, support the base development with 40 million yuan every year and transfer of poverty alleviation fund to stock with 30 million yuan every year, and support the poor households to develop the characteristic industries such as tea, camellia oleifera, and medicinal materials. The Xiaochang County puts forward to give more support for industries such as ecotourism, trees and flowers, fruit and tea, and livestock breeding, and develop green economy and characteristic industries with a view to increasing more than 60 thousand Mu tree and flower base and cultivating more than 1200 market entities of various kinds in three years.

Develop new operators to make poor households linked to rich relatives

Standing on Tiger Rock, the highest peak of Dongyue Village, Gaodian Town, Dawu County, you can take a broad view of unfolding leaves for camellia oleifera and green tea, strong and straight paulownia and photinia fraseri on 3000 Mu newly-developed characteristic forestry base, and the hill is covered with beautiful luxuriantly green seedlings.

In the past, Dongyue Village was a typical village with few young strong men, few per capita cultivated land and large mountain area. Chen Xiangming, the Party Branch Secretary in the Village is determined to lead the villagers to get rich and brings in the characteristic forestry base developed by Furui Agriculture and Forestry Co., Ltd. to carry out high-standard development of the base with the accumulated investment of 10 million yuan.

Chen Xiangming said, “the Company has paid a land transfer fund of 2.2 million yuan for seven years to the peasant households; there are more than 180 labors from poor households working in the base throughout the year, and the net income for each can reach more than 15 thousand yuan”. The move can not only activate the land resource, form characteristic industries and realize accurate poverty alleviation at both the village and peasant household levels, but also optimize the ecology, beautify the village and form the beautiful scenery of “enjoying flower in spring, greenness in summer, fruits in autumn and snow in winter”. Dongyue Village steps on the development road of “company + base + peasant household” and realizes the multi-win of enterprise, village and peasant household.

Similar to Dongyue Village, Wanglin Village, Fengshan Town, Xiaochang County brings in many enterprises of trees and flowers, and establishes Dongding Ecological Garden of High-quality Seedling, Jingsui Scientific Research Base of Seedling, Datang Sightseeing Ecological Garden, etc. among which Datang and Dongding offer a dividend of 50 thousand yuan to the Village as collective income and provide employment opportunities for more than 30 poor households.

For many main poverty alleviation villages and peasant households with low income, the key reasons for long-term poverty are lack of means such as information, fund and technology to get rid of poverty and become rich. Through the industrialization method, Xiaogan involves the production and operation of poor villages and poor households into the industrial chain, and establishes the industrial chain mode of “leading enterprise + cooperative + base + peasant household” and interest binding mechanism, so the problem of lack of means to getting rich is easily solved. At present, the multiple modes such as “company + base +peasant household”, “company + peasant household + base”, and “company + cooperative + peasant household” are leading the peasant households with low income to rapidly and locally realize income increase and poverty alleviation.

Within the modes, the leading enterprise plays a significant role which serves as the intermediate connecting peasant household, base and market, and provides the services such as technology, information and sales, but the affected peasant households only require to carry out standardized production according to the order, so both of them will be bundled into a closely interactive interest community. The enterprises can take advantage of the power of scattered peasant households to form a relatively large scale in the short term and produce economies of scale; meanwhile, the separate household peasant can avoid and reduce the risk caused by single-handed venture in market.

On the poverty alleviation road, many leading enterprises have made undeniable contributions. Take Hongxiang Duck Industry in Xiaochang County as an example, the whole industrial chain from duck breeding, duckling hatch, slaughtering and cutting, cooked food processing to chain selling for meat duck production is established, and “chain effect” is derived to make 1160 peasant households enter into the chain of breeding industry and realize a total income increase of 74.5 million yuan. Xiaochang County organizes the important privately operated enterprises such as Hongxiang Duck Industry to support the industry construction which covers 148 poor villages in 14 towns and more than 17.6 thousand peasant households in the network base. Dawu County carries out the co-construction activities of villages and enterprises such as “combination of returned enterprises and villages, combination of introduced enterprises and villages, and combination of local enterprises and villages”, mobilizes various successful people to love hometowns and return society, and successfully contributes to the cooperation of 185 enterprises and 156 main poverty alleviation villages. Villages such as Dongxinwanzhai and Honghua have brought in two leading enterprises to respectively develop more than 10 thousand Mu camellia oleifera base and ginkgo biloba base, and 615 network peasant households, and both companies can provide employment opportunities for more than ten thousand local peasant workers every year which promotes the peasants to work in local area and increases their income.

The poverty alleviation motivated by agriculture industrialization in Xiaogan can make the originally scattered elements transfer intensively, and convert the production mode to be of scale, the operation method to be demutualization operation, and poverty alleviation to be “blood creation type” with a view to increasing the efficiency of agriculture and making income increase of peasants step on the road of virtuous circle.

E-commerce connected to large market Poverty alleviation flying with Internet+ wing

The nature of poverty is the lack of capacity to enter into market, so the nature of poverty alleviation is to improve the capacity to enter into the market. “Poverty alleviation through E-commerce” provides valuable opportunity for poor peasants to enter into the market.

In Jingsheng kiwi fruit base of Xuanhuadian Town, Dawu County, the villager Shi Xianguo was cultivating the 40 Mu kiwi fruit. The batch of red kiwi fruit was to be sold across the country through the express delivery of the Town. Shi Xianguo cheerfully said that “in the past, the kiwi fruit is sold by Jin, but now by number with the price doubled.”

In recent years, Dawu County keeps a firm grasp on the introduction of E-commerce in construction of comprehensive demonstration county in villages to accelerate the modernization step of material circulation in villages, and the new E-commerce groups with express supermarkets in towns and villages and mail shopkeeper in villages as representatives take the initial shape. The agricultural materials are received through express supermarket, the procurement service on the Internet is realized through mail shopkeeper……so the agricultural products can be sold well anywhere out of the remote mountains.

With accelerated infiltration of E-commerce into villages, the infrastructure in villages is continuously improved, and the third-party E-commerce platform provides low-cost entrepreneurial Internet channel for peasants and lays a foundation for extensively developed “E-commerce poverty alleviation”. In Xiaogan, it is recommended to take full advantage of “Internet+ platform”, further develop the emerging industries such as E-commerce, online store service, online goods supply, and online logistics in order to lead poor households to sell products and enter into market through E-commerce, and cover the “last one kilometer” of E-commerce in poor areas.

It is known that the policies of providing key support for E-commerce development in villages are issued in Dawu County which offers powerful policy support and fund guarantee for common development of E-commerce and express delivery industry in villages in establishing and improving commodity logistics capacity in villages, E-commerce service system in villages, supporting system for E-commerce logistics and storage, etc.

To support more hatched E-commerce individuals, the county government specially sets up the special fund of five million yuan for E-commerce development to purchase public service. From 2015-2017, the county government will allocate 20 million yuan from Dabie Mountain Industry Development Fund to support E-commerce development of enterprises every year. It is planned to train more than 3000 pioneering young men, peasants, rural cooperatives, and talents in E-commerce enterprises, and to add more than 1000 jobs within three years.

The expert expressed that promotion of E-commerce development in villages, and the market development and brand cultivation for characteristic industries and products in poor areas through some modern marketing means can help the industry development in the whole poor areas make new breakthrough and realize self-strengthening function of poor areas.