100 Village Post Stations Established in Xiaogan
Sending Letters at “Home Door” by Villagers

Yesterday, the journalist learned from the Xiaogan Municipal Post Administration that there were 100 village post stations established by the Xiaogan Municipal Post Administration until October 23, and the post Stations could serve as the one-stop agent for matters such as newspaper and magazine subscription in the villages, mail collection and delivery, utilities payment, ticket reservation. It was understood that other postal service such as subscription of newspapers and magazines, postage stamp reservation, mail collection and delivery; convenience services such as payment for charges of public utilities such as communication, water and electricity, and gas, and reservation of plane ticket and train ticket; businesses serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers such as rural logistics and inclusive finance; express delivery business such as collection and delivery of express items can be added to the village post stations according to the actual demands and service capacity of the enterprises.