In recent years, Hanchuan City has thoroughly promoted creation of a garden city and continuously increased investment in urban afforestation construction, improving garden greening rate on the rise. So far, total green space of 7.0914 million square meters and park greenbelt area of 1.9849 million square meters have been built, with ratio of green space of 30.83%, green coverage ratio of 35.32% and park greenbelt area per capita of 8.63 square meters.

The City constructed a urban greening system in which waterfront greenbelts and ecological forest belts in the suburbs serve as “screens”, urban greened roads act as “nets”, parks, squares, street green land, petty street gardens and small sight spots are “planes” and courtyards of organizations and residence communities are designated as “spots” by taking such measures as planning for greening, constructing gardens to create green space, inserting green plants in seams, demolishing walls to display green plants, demolishing the illegal buildings to spread green space, supplementing green space by laws and all people planting green vegetation.

Implementing “water clearing and shore greening” project to create urban a green axis for life. The sluice gate river landscape in which a total of 54 million yuan was invested is the most waterfront characteristic landmark in Hanchuan. Along the landscape axis, the underwater revetment project, the project of roads on both sides and the greenery landscape project have been completed with Phase II projects are being constructed. A batch of new highlights of waterside gardens, like the national wetland park pilot of Diaocha Lake, the “bund” along Yanjiang Road and the park along Bengzhan River are being busily constructed.

Vigorously implementing the “road greening and street beautifying” project to create green urban corridors. Hanchuan spares no efforts to create green road networks in the downtown and green nodes at the hubs to effectively connect ecological protective zones in the periphery of the City with the scenic regions and spots as well as parks in the City. It renovates urban appearance, environment and traffic order in primary and secondary arteries and nodes to improve environment along lines. Hanchuan has built a batch of high-quality road greenbelts, including provincial first-class highway landscape belts, Chuanliu Road greenbelt and Lakefront Road greenbelt, intensifying planting trees in, vertically greening, decorating and beautifying such key streets as West Lake Road, New West Street and Happy Street.

By vigorously implementing the “3515” project, 34 parks, scenic spots and landscape belts are successively completed. Courtyards of organizations in the rural area have greening percents of pass more than 90% due to vigorous implementation of the “charming courtyard” project.