On June 12, Shuangfeng Mountain-Mulan Scenic Spot (Wuhan) Tourist Highway Project officially commenced. The Project is a sub-project in the upgraded PPP package of the Shuangfeng Mountain Tourist Resort, with a total investment of about 185 million yuan. The Project is invested by POWERCHINA HARBOUR CO., LTD. with the PPP model.


The Project includes carriageway construction, green road construction, riding road construction and river regulation, collectively known as the “four roads in one”. The project area is located between Guantang Triangle Area, Dazhai Village, Shuangfeng Mountain to the junction of Bo’an Village and Huangpi District, Wuhan with total length of about 13km. The carriageway is planned and constructed according to the two-way two-lane road. The riding road and the green road are about 3 to 5 meters wide and are planned to be completed and put into operation at the end of this year.


The Project runs across 5 poor villages in Shuangfeng Mountain, therefore, it is both a tourist road and a way to benefit the people and make people become rich. After completion of the Project, it will not only improve the road traffic level in Shuangfeng Mountain Tourist Resort, create conditions for the development of the scenic area at the east route of resort and for the masses to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity, but also lay a solid foundation for the integration of Shuangfeng Mountain and Mulan Scenic Spot (Wuhan).