26 High-quality Projects Are Introduced to Anlu Within Half a Year

5 over 1 Billion-Yuan Projects with Total Investment of 10.359 Billion Yuan


On July 5, it was learned from Anlu Investment Promotion Department that the city introduced 26 projects such as Small Town for Culture Journey of “Insects’ World”, Smart Logistics Park for Agricultural Products of Zhongken Circulation (Anlu), Qianwanfa Food, Wuchang Electric Control Equipment, Production for Precise Components of Jingjuli within the first half of this year, with total contract investment of 10.359 billion yuan, including 20 over 100-million projects, 8 over 500-million projects and 5 over 1-billion projects.


Since this year, the City has focused on high-quality development, taken investment promotion as “No. 1 engineering”, targeted at top 500 companies at home and abroad, central enterprises and listed companies, lacking link in Anlu industry, E-commerce and logistics enterprises distributed throughout the country, the “four news” (new ideas, new culture, new customs and new habits) economic entities, enterprises along the coast and in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone needed to be transferred urgently and taken investment promotion measures such as returning for investment promotion, attracting new investment with existing investment and vitalizing resource-based investment promotion to attract high-quality projects with high scientific and technological content, strong competitive capacity and large investment amount to settle in Anlu. Therefore, the “covered area” of county economy development is continuously expanding.


The City fully integrated investment promotion forces, divided 95 companies directly subordinate to the City into 26 investment promotion teams, gathered forces and resources to fight the overall battle; the City preferentially selected enterprise owners with good social image and extensive interpersonal network to act as municipal “investment promotion ambassador”, provided information about investment promotion and opened up new path of “attracting new investment with existing investment”. At the same time, the City integrated and deeply developed existing lands or project resources to implement “secondary investment promotion” in the means of “vacating cage to change bird”, thus nidificating for attracting phoenix.


It is learned that the City will hold two “investment promotion competitions”, eligible schoolfellows of Anlu No. 1 Middle School returning to the hometown for entrepreneurship and other investment promotion activities this year, thus further creating strong atmosphere of investment promotion.