On July 19, Anlu City held a centralized signing ceremony for the investment projects in the first half of 2018, in which 32 projects, such as the Zhongguang Yiying Film Art Center, the Insect World Cultural Tourism Town, the Manka Pipe Industrial Park, the Huamei Intelligent Industry New Town, the Huilian Automobile, and the Gangneng Natural Gas, with a total investment of RMB 18.66 billion yuan. Among them, there are 26 industrial projects, 1 agricultural project, 4 eco-tourism projects, and 1 trade and logistics project.


Anlu City pays attention to regional integration investment, innovates the mode of investment promotion constantly, and vitalizes existing enterprise resources and idle land and plant to carry out secondary investment projects. Centering on 6 leading industries, including grain and oil machinery, medicine and food, metal products, clothing textile, new energy and new materials, it is targeted to “go out” and “please come in”.


The awarded 32 projects involve in the film and television media, biomedicine, ecotourism, new energy, equipment manufacturing and other industries and are characterized by large investment, high-grade brand, many industrial projects, strong industrial support, and strong inviting investment in the park. The Zhongguang Yiying Film Art Center Project, which has a total investment of RMB 4 billion yuan, will build a film and TV culture commercial town in Anlu that is oriented by film and TV series shooting; the light wave advanced manufacturing micro processing project with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion yuan conducted the secondary investment promotion in the original plant of Hubei Jinrunjia Mould Products Co., Ltd. so as to build key components and finished production lines of Nano machine tools, production line of photothermal energy products as well as effectively revitalize idle factories and land resources.


Anlu, the national famous egg processing base, kitchen utensil production base and capital of grain and oil machinery, is a member of Wuhan Metropolitan Area, Ecologic and Cultural Tourism Circle in West Hubei and Dabie Mountain Test Area. The “two expressways” and “two railways” run through the whole territory, so the location is superior and the traffic is convenient. On the basis of continuously strengthening the construction of hardware and software facilities, the city has introduced a series of documents such as “two investments and one promotion”, “one district and five parks” system and mechanism innovation, the preferential policy of attracting investment, which are beneficial to the enterprise settlement and local development, make the best efforts to build the development platform for the enterprises and strive to create the investment depression.