Accountant Shen, Tax Official of Anlu Quanzhen Business Co., Ltd. said that “I have to handle the tax problems both in Internal Revenue Service and Local Tax Bureau, which spending so much time if it is in high-peak period, but now the national tax and local tax are combined to shorten the handling time and no more running back and forth!”. He also highly praised the reform of the national and local tax collection and management system. 


On July 20, the newly formed Anlu Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation was set up, which marked the formal merger of the former Anlu National Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau, and carried out the duties of tax and non-tax revenue collection and management of the whole city. The tax service was not affected during the reform. At present, the Bureau has established the joint party committee, centralized tax service in comprehensive departments, implemented the “available in one office” and unified the duties and responsibilities. Anlu Tax Bureau sets up 8 windows to achieve the “available in one office”.


The relevant principal of the Bureau said that it would fully release the dividend of the institution, deepen the reform of the “decentralization, management and obeying”, improve the tax and payment convenience, improve the satisfaction and sense of obtaining of the taxpayer, further optimize the tax business environment, so as to fully serve and promote the economic and social development of Anlu and show the responsibilities and actions of the tax department.