Steady Growth of the Whole City’s Industrial Economy in 2012

Industrial Economic Value Addition Broke Through 50 billion RMB
Growth of Main Economic Indicators Ranking on the Top of the Province


The journalist was informed from the Municipal Economic and Information Commission on January 22 that the growth of main economic indicators in our city has been ranked highly in the whole province and steady increase of economy all year round has been fully accomplished, taking an active role in resisting the negative factors of macro economy and lessening the trend of economic downturn.

It is learned that industrial economic value addition in 2012 has reached 51.09 billion RMB, exceeding the value of 50 billion RMB for the first time, which makes up 112.3% of the annual goal estimated; 17% year-on-year growth has been ranked the third in the whole province with 2.4 percentage points beyond the provincial average value. Sales-output ratio of industrial production has reached 98.8%, which has exceeded the provincial average level by 1.5 percentage points, ranking the first in the whole province. Industrial electricity consumption is 6.64 billion KW per hour with 4.11% year-on-year growth, ranking the third in the province. Industries in county (city) have kept rapid development, and industrial added-value in four counties has exceeded 20% including Xiaonan, Yingcheng, Municipal High-tech Zone and Hanchuan, with the growth of five counties (cities) beyond the municipal average level.

According to the person in charge of Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the whole city has taken an active role in the expansion of industrial economic scale in 2012, thus leading to high ranking of growth in the province; key industries have been developed rapidly with increasing support to the economy; ‘three projects’ being firmly carried out, main market subject has been shaped ahead of time; performance of enterprises has been gradually improved with steady growth of quantity; economy in the counties has been boosted and the importance of small and medium-sized privet enterprises has been prominent; accomplishment of key projects has caused growing development power; goal of steady growth has been achieved due to the coordination of ‘informatization and industrialization’ which has facilitated the degree of informatization.