green trees and flowers were planted
Xiaogan Passenger Station Turned to be Fresh

“Away from Xiaogan 2 months ago, and when come back hometown, the square before the passenger station is fully planted with trees and flowers. How beautiful!” In the morning yesterday, Mr. Zhang returned home on annual vacation from Wuhan, and he greatly praised the potted plant and flowers before the Xiaogan Passenger Station.

In the morning, the journalist stood in the square and got a view of the beautiful wooden flower bed which lined up; the trees were evergreen in the flower bed, and the flowers were in full bloom outside the flower bed with thriving vitality. In the parking lot, the full-automatic vehicle-washing instrument operated without stop, and the returned passenger bus queued up for dust-cleaning. According to the introduction, there are 226 operating passenger buses in Xiaogan Passenger Group at present, and each passenger bus must be cleaned after returning to the station to keep clean inside and outside the compartment.

It is known that Xiaogan Passenger Group positively promotes the building of a garden city to create a clean and neat traveling environment for all passengers.