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Key Provincial Heritage Protection Place-Huocheng

2015-01-13  hanchuan.gov.cn     

God Platform is located in the northeast of Tianerhe Town and Macheng Platform is located in the north of Huilong Town. Although the two places are not located in the same administrative town, they belong to the same place from the perspective of history and physical geography.

As for God Platform, it is said that after Cao Cao attacked and occupied Jingzhou and went downwards to Kingdom of Wu, he ordered 830 thousand soldiers to jab some soils with their owns swords. Hence, it is called Sword Point Platform. As Cao Cao has a large troop, it is formed overnight owing to their soils. People who did not know details thought it is due to god effect. Therefore, it is called God Platform.

Macheng Platform said to be built by Guan Yu when he chases Cao Cao.


Origin of two places is related to the Three Kingdoms. More strangely, the two platforms are not only legendary famous scenic spots, but also two true ancient cultural relics. The cultural connotation and era of the two sites are not the Three Kingdoms, but the Neolithic Age and the Western Zhou Dynasty earlier than the Three Kingdoms.

The historic site of God Platform is located on a high platform in the north of God Platform Village. The historic site of Linnan Lake (it has been opened up as a rice field) is 2.5m higher than the ground, with east-west length 120m, north-south width 100m and the total area of 12 thousand square meters. Seen from section of the historic site, the cultural layer is 50cm under the surface and the thickness of the cultural layer is about 1.5m. Dust in the upper layer contains many pottery shards and brown loess in the lower layer is relatively rigid, containing a few fired red soil and pottery shards. Since 1976, many stone implements and potteries have been unearthed continuously here, including stone shovel, stone axe, stone ball, ochre, etc.. As for gathered and collected sample of cultural relic, the upper layer of the historic site is culture of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the lower layer is culture of Hubei Longshan period, with a history of over four thousand years.

The historic site of Macheng Platform is located on a temple platform in the north of Macheng Platform Village. However, area and position of the historic site are not only limited to the temple platform. In the winter of 1974, water conservancy was built and fishery of Liao Lake was excavated here. A lot of cultural relics were unearthed in the newly-excavated canal in the front of Liao Lake, including stone axe, stone ring, stone shovel, stone tool, pottery spinning wheel, pottery ball, pottery pot, pottery vessel, ochre, fired red soil, jade ring, jade pendant, etc. The historic site of Macheng Platform is about 2 square kilometers. Except above sample, red pottery cup, net, duck mouth-shaped pot, edge of black pot, ring device were also collected. Sandy pottery is dominated, along with clay pottery, ornament multi-vortex surface, stripe, a few lanvens and grey pottery is dominated along with black pottery. Stone implement is polished and it is smooth on the whole with sharp blade. According to above conditions, it is judged to be culture of Hubei Longshan period, with a history of over four thousand years.


The two historic sites are in the west of Hanchuan and a lot of abundant cultural relics are unearthed here. In particular, those jade bracelets and jade pendants are polished finely. They reflect essence of primitive times and are rare high-quality cultural relics in the cultural relic treasure of the country. To study spiritual and cultural life of ancestors at the end of primitive society, process technology and belief idea are scarce treasures. These cultural relics are now stored in Xiaogan Museum.

The two historic sites, God Platform and Macheng Platform have been listed as county-level culture relic protection site to be protected by law.