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Hanchuan scenic spot-Xiaobie Mountain with clear and misty weather

2015-01-13  www.hanchuan.gov.cn     

Xiaobie, namely, Xiaobie Mountain, located in the saddle 5km from the east of Hanchuan City. Xiaobie Mountain, Zeng Mountain, Zijia Mountain and other mountains are contiguous in ancient times and billowing Han River flows from the west of mountains via Hanchuan and Xingou and then to Shandong. These small mountains are continuous. Hence, the ancients praise them with “water is surrounded by numerous endless mountains and the lonesome boat is accompanied with spring sunshine”. It vividly describes natural scenery here. People can watch the red sun rising slowly from the east and ships go back and forth on Han River in the east and west. Steam in numerous peaks in Zeng Mountain is dense owing to circulation of Han River. Mist coils up in the mountain and mountains go up and down. In particular, scenery of Xiaobie Mountain is unique in sunny clear weather.

Word of Bamboo Terrace by Shen Zhuping, a person in Qing Dynasty praises that:

Towering peak and inverted image in the water, Xiaobie Mountain adjoins the end of Dabie Mountain.

Travel is wonderful in the fine and sunny weather and vision is vague amid the rising mist.

Xiaobie Mountain changes with the passage of time. Nowadays, Ma’an Village government has built serried row upon row of buildings here. Chimneys stand as tree and the scenery has exceeded Xiaobie Mountain in ancient times.