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Cultural Tourism Activity in Golden Autumn in Anlu in 2018 Will Be Started Next Month

2018-10-13  Xiaogan Evening Paper     

On October 10, Anlu Transportation Bureau organized construction workers to repair the main road from the urban area to Qianchong Scenic Spot tensely. Village and town beautification and brightening construction along the way was conducted vigorously. All people in Xiaogan were preparing for cultural tourism activity in golden autumn to be held next month intensely.


Anlu with a long history and profound cultural deposits is a famous hometown of Li Bai, gingko, cartoon and Chinese poetry and prose throughout the country. In 2018, annual meeting of publicity culture association for important traveling place of Li Bai is scheduled to be held in Anlu. The cultural tourism activity in the golden autumn is themed with “Brilliant Poetry Culture in Li Bai’s Hometown”, aiming to accelerate construction of Li Bai-based culture, create a famous cultural tourism city, publicize the business card of “Li Bai’s hometown” and expand external cultural exchange.


Series of activities in the cultural tourism festival will be carried out in adherence to the principle of “focusing on culture in Li Bai forum, achievements in performance, scenery in cycling race, change in several hundred media, and development in project negotiation”. It is planned to hold 2018 Hubei Bicycle Tournament and “filial piety extending for several thousand meters” bicycle challenge series competition for Anlu Station, poetic genius with a history of several thousand years-poetry intoning meeting, academic seminar of Li Bai culture, “Li Bai cup” national prose and poetry competition, “eternal Li Bai-exhibition for excellent works of Li Bai culture” and Anlu cultural tourism product fair, negotiation and contract signing ceremony of cultural tourism projects, “insight into Anlu following the poetic genius” and other activities, aiming to hold a grand meeting for discussion of Li Bai culture, ecological culture tourism and display of Anlu reform achievements through carrying forward culture with festival, promoting tourism with culture, deepening affection with tourism and attracting investors with affection.