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6 villages in Xiaogan were awarded typical demonstration of “Beautiful Village”

2018-10-28  Xiaogan Daily     

On October 24th, the Provincial Rural Comprehensive Reform Leading Group Office, after the earlier acceptance of 199 pilot villages included in the list of “Beautiful Village” construction pilot villages in 2016, officially identified 65 pilot villages in the province as the typical demonstration village of “Beautiful Village”, in which 6 villages in our city were selected, such as Changfeng Village, Pengxing Township, Xiaonan District, Tiantang Village, Xiaowu Township, Xiaochang County, Jinling Village, Xincheng Town, Dawu County, Chengwei Village, Wuluo Town, Yunmeng County, Xihu Village, Tiane Town, Yingcheng City and Defeng Village, Wantan Township, Hanchuan City. Xiaogan is one of the city states with the largest number of typical demonstration villages selected in the province.

In recent years, the beautiful village in our city has been constructed according to requirements of “global planning, industrial support, facilities extension, service coverage, ecological civilization, governance and innovation”, with the scientific planning as the lead, to vigorously carry out the construction of "five homes" in affluent, clean, ecological, happy and harmonious areas, strengthen rural industry support, improve rural environmental hygiene, enhance the ecological environment level, and improve the rural infrastructure as well as rural social governance. According to the general objective for “Strong agriculture, beautiful rural and rich farmers”, and adhering to the five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, the rural environment has been significantly improved by improving the mechanism ceaselessly, creating the initiatives and greatly developing the specialty industry.