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Tourism Income in Xiaogan Exceeds 450 Million Yuan during the National Day

2018-10-08  Xiaogan Daily     


Yesterday, the journalist learned from Xiaogan Foreign Affairs Overseas Chinese Affairs Travel Bureau that during this “National Day”, the whole city (excluding Shuangfengshan Tourist Resort) has received tourists of 1.1029 million persons-times, with a year-on-year growth rate of 14.99%. The comprehensive tourism income was 455.24 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 14.22%.


During the National Day, the top three areas in receiving tourists are respectively: Xiaonan District with 223,400 persons-times, Anlu City with 204,000 persons-times, Yingcheng City with 203,000 persons-times; the top three areas in comprehensive tourism income are respectively: Xiaonan District with 94.62 million yuan, Yingcheng City with 85.40 million yuan, Anlu City with 79.19 million yuan. 


Xiaonan Daodian Folk Customs Village, Zhuo’er Village, Xifeng Waterside Holiday Resort, Hanchuan Baihe Ecological Park, Ancient Ferry of Nanhe River, Yingcheng Chuzhenyuan, Anlu Shengshiwenying, Dawu Scenic Area of 18 Ponds, Xiaochang Custom Garden of Western Regions and other scenic areas (spots) were crowded with tourists. Xiaonan Jinhui Manor held International Althea Appreciating Fair in 2018 and other cultural and recreational activities and Hanchuan Tianshuiwan held Exhibition of Rare Fruits and Vegetables, Farming Culture Exhibition, Chrysanthemum Exhibition. Anlu held “First Writing Ceremony” in Baizhao Mountain and Yingcheng Chuzhenyuan carried out the activity of receiving entrance tickets for free by scanning WeChat. In addition, bubble party and water polo fight in Tangchi Warm Spring, performance of Thailand customs programs in National Mine Park, pick-up festival of Longchi Mountain Villa, wedding celebration performance and other activities attracted a lot of tourists to participate.