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Two Variable Lanes Are Newly Increased in Xiaogan Urban Area

2018-10-08  Xiaogan Evening Paper     Zhang Ting

Recently, a few careful citizens found many inclined lanes resembling “character Fei” laterally marked in two lanes at the Changzheng and Beijing intersections on Jiaotong Road. The journalist learned from Xiaogan Traffic Control Bureau that the two lanes can be variable lanes and their indication directions can be changed according to traffic flow at any time.

It is introduced that the variable lanes are mainly distributed in road sections with concentrated traffic flows in some peak periods but few lanes or significantly differentiated traffic flow back and forth in peak periods in the morning and in the afternoon. Appropriate control is realized through the function of changing driving direction on the lane, thus reaching the purpose of relieving traffic pressure and improving travel efficiency. The traffic police introduced that the arrow indication of variable lane is of LED lamplight to be adjusted in a real time way according to flow and flow direction. After the driver enters the variable lane, he should drive the car according to indication direction marked on the lane and should not back up or turn round.


The traffic police prompted that the serial number of ground lane at the intersection of variable lane is consistent with indication mark of aerial lane. When the driver passes by the intersection, he should observe indication of white lane light at front in advance, select appropriate lane to drive according to traveling direction and cross the intersection according to indication of red and green lights. If the selected lane is wrong, the driver should drive according to guide of lane and signal lamp and adjust direction until reaching the next intersection. In particular, it should be noticed that entering variable lane is to select full-line section. Changing lane randomly hinders normal travel of other vehicles and may give rise to traffic accidents.