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3 National Agricultural Innovation Bases Are Additionally Increased in Xiaogan

2018-10-09  Xiaogan Daily     

On September 29, news came from the Ministry of Science and Technology that 3 agricultural innovation bases cultivated and recommended by Xiaogan were finally recognized as national innovation bases through a series of selections and strict review.


The three “national” innovation bases are respectively: Yingcheng “Jinzhifeng”, Dawu “Wudaocha”, and Xiaochang “Qixianhong”. Previously, the three bases along with Xiaonan “Shengxianyounong”, Hanchuan “green aquatic product of Diaocha Lake” were just now recognized as provincial innovation bases. Therefore, 4 innovation bases were rated as “national level” and 11 bases were rated as “provincial level” in Xiaogan. At the same time, 10 municipal innovation bases will be recognized in Xiaogan.


It is introduced that “innovation bases” refer to the massive innovation space for development of modern agriculture oriented at special scientific commissioners, college students, returned migrant workers, professional peasants and other innovative and entrepreneurial subjects, and aiming to create low-cost, professional, socialized and convenient rural science and technology entrepreneurship service environment and boost integrated development of primary industry, secondary industry and the tertiary industry, with agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone, agricultural science park, new rural development research institute of institutions of higher learning, agricultural technology enterprises, etc.


It is learned that national, provincial and municipal innovation bases will be granted licenses uniformly and those passing acceptance will obtain subsidy. Last year, 3 bases in Xiaogan obtained provincial project support. “Innovation bases” promoted to national level will be incorporated to management and service system of national technology-based enterprise incubator and can enjoy all preferential policies specified by the state.