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“Festival” Opera Appreciation Atmosphere, Popular Chu Opera Performance

2018-11-05  Xiaogan Evening News     

“Good play was performed one after another, and we spent a lively festival”. From November 3rd to 4th, Chu opera performance of 2018 Filial Piety Culture Tourism Festival was held at Xiaogan East Station Square, on which made theatre fans again feast their eyes.

The Story of Huanhe Village, a large modern Chu opera, prepared by Hubei Experimental Chu Opera Troupe was played in the evening of November 3rd. It was performed in the seventh Hubei Chu Opera Art Festival and the third Hubei Art Festival, and selected as one of the national outstanding realistic theme stage artworks. The play is so famous that it is worth looking forward to. 

Reporters at the scene saw that, after the play began, everyone immersed themselves in it. Their faces were full of anticipation, anxiety, laughter, and satisfaction. The idyllic pictures, fresh breath of life, down to earth plot, humorous language and wonderful and lively performing skills gave you a feeling of actually being there.

“This opera is really good. It sings both the major events that the country cares about and the hope in the hearts of all the people." The father He, a retired elderly people, praised it repeatedly. “As long as the audience likes it, we don't feel tired. Every performance strives for perfection to give the best performance, so that the fans can enjoy it.” The principal of Hubei Experimental Chu Opera Troupe said.