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Xiaogan Shuangfeng Mountain Tourist Resort

Xiaogan Shuangfeng Mountain Tourist Resort is located in the northeast of Xiaogan City, with its southeast connected to Huangpi District in Wuhan, and northwest bordering on Xiaochang County, which is 29km from downtown of Xiaogan and 70km from Wuhan.

In the Shuangfeng Mountain, the main peak, Shuangrufeng Mountain, is composed of two opposing peaks with an altitude up to 888m, which is the first peak in Xiaogan.

The legend has it that the seventh fairy is incarnated on the peak, so named as Shuangfeng Mountain. In the Tourist Resort, which is categorized into the midline, east and west landscape belts, there are the military stronghold culture, Filial piety culture, folk culture and farming culture; the folktales including the Love Story of Dong Yong and the Seventh Fairy and Meng Zong’s Tears That Brought Bamboo-shoots From the Frozen Earth have spread widely here; and scenic spots and historical sites such as Baiyun Ancient Village, Shuangfeng Mountain Academy, Finest Spring and Huilong Temple are retained. 18 scenic spots of secluded gorge, towering Shuangfeng Mountain, academy with tweedle, daybreak bell, pavilion with flowers, immense forest, ancient camp with beacon, white cloud and dawn moon, pilgrimage of beasts, festive activity of peasant, marvelous realm, and boating on the river in the area, etc. have been preliminarily established.

In the core scenic area of Shuangfeng Mountain, the forest coverage is 90%, with content of negative oxygen ions far beyond 20,000/cm2. In the Shuangfeng Mountain, the average temperature is 13℃ throughout the year and 23℃ in the autumn. Upon the high summer, the temperature in the Mountain is 4-6℃ lower than that of the mountain foot, making the Mountain to be a good destination for the people to take a summer holiday and relax themselves, and win the praise as “the gallery of mountains and waterscape and a paradise for vocation” by the tourists.

In the midline core scenic area, the development and construction basically shape up, while the east and west scenic areas are under active development as required by the overall plan. With the formation of products like one-day tour and two-day tour in the core scenic area, Shuangfeng Mountain is included into the excellent itinerary of “provincial-level one-day tour and seven-day tour” at Wuhan metropolitan area, and gained gradually improved brand awareness and occupancy in Wuhan tourism market.

In Shuangfeng Mountain, there are totally 12 high and medium-grade hotels such as the Holiday Inn and Longquanggu, including 2 three-star hotels and 2 two-star hotels; 5 large-scale meeting rooms able to accommodate 120 and more persons, including one large enough for over 600 persons; over 2000 beds; and 20 agritainment sites.

Notice to travel in Shuangfeng Mountain:

Since the recovery to be open on March 20, 2020, Shuangfeng Mountain is opened to the public from 8:00 to 17:00 every day, with daily tourists received no more than 1000 persons.

Ticket buying – online reservation with real name and offline non-contact ticket buying by code scanning; the persons with group tickets shall enter the mountains separately in different time.

Transfer – all tourists shall transfer to the shuttle bus at the gate of scenic area for sightseeing in the scenic area, with specific requirements as follows: ① Show your health code, measure the body temperature and wear a mask before entering the scenic area, and wait for the bus with your ticket payment voucher after security inspection and registration. The persons intended to enter the scenic area shall line up with an interval no shorter than 1.5m. The tourists must wear masks, and those who do not wear masks will be discouraged from access to the scenic area. ② The group tourists shall enter the scenic area at different times with certain interval time, and shall be less than 30 persons, to avoid the personnel centralization in entering the scenic area. ③ In the shuttle bus, the tourists shall take seats at certain interval of seats.

Walking – After entering the scenic area with tickets, the tourists can walk up the mountain, but shall keep a proper distance and shall not gather.

Checking-in and taking meals – ① For the tourists, the body temperature shall be measured before checking in, and the requirement of one room for one person must be achieved for those who are not the members of a family. ② The tourists shall have meals delivered or separate meals in the hotel to guarantee the distance between two persons is more than 1.5m. Gathering of personnel in the public area shall be avoided.

Notice to ticket buying:

1.Ticket-free policy. The aged over 70 years old, with the ID card or senior citizen ID as proof; the children below 1.2m (excluded); active-duty soldiers with certificate of officers or certificate of non-commissioned officer as proof; Local medical workers participated and participating in the front line of COVID-19 war and the medical workers from the medical teams fighting COVID-19 for Hubei Province.

2. Concession ticket policy. The aged (60-70 years old), with the ID card or senior citizen ID as proof; the undergraduates on school days, with student ID card as proof; the primary and secondary school students between 1.2-1.5m; 38 yuan for one great ticket of scenic area bought on line.

Consulting telephone: 0712—4838888

Complaining telephone: 12301

Official website: http://sfslydjq.xiaogan.gov.cn/