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Chuzhen Park in Autumn


On November 3, Chuzhen Park had a strong sense of Autumn.

On November 3, students of a Yingcheng Primary School carried out a research and study activity in Chuzhen Park. Workers of the Park introduced Galsang flowers to students. (shot by Journalist Wang Qi and Special Correspondent Feng Xuan)


Yingcheng County has carefully implemented themed activities of “Culture and Sports in Scenic Areas” and Autumn and Winter Cultural Tourism Seasons and opened A tourist attractions in the City to tourists for free since the activity of “Travel to Hubei for Free” was launched on August 8.

Chuzhen Park themed Jing-Chu Culture has more than 200 varieties and over 30 classes of flowers. Many tourists were attracted by the flexible windmill corridor, fresh air, and blooming flowers at the end of Autumn and at the beginning of Winter.