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Dawu with Red Autumnal Leaves Welcomes the Guests


On November 7, gorgeous and multicolored tallow trees at Beishan Village, Sigu Town, Dawu County, attracted a great number of visitors and tourists to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of autumnal leaves and take photos.


In recent years, relying on its tourism resources, Dawu County increased its input in respect of the traffic, safety, resources and environmental protection, constantly perfected the services for tourists, enriched the cultural connotation of rural tourism and made the “Appreciating Beauty of Red Autumnal Leaves in Dawu at the Golden Autumn”, “Making Appointments and Meeting at Jinling – the Idyllic Homeland”, “Delicately Beautiful Wufeng Mountain and Fascinating Eighteen Pools (Shiba Pools)” be known, enabling the tourism to become the pillar industry for enriching and strengthening of people and county.