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53.38 Million Tourists Were Received Through Huiyou Hubei in One Hundred Days

From August 8 to November 15, the activity of Traveling with Love and Huiyou Hubei has been carried out for 100 days. The comprehensive benefits of Tourist Spots in Hubei Province have been continuously improved, and the number of tourists from other Provinces to Hubei Province has been increasing day by day. As of November 15, the total number of visitors to Class A Tourist Spots in the activity was 53,380,200 person-times, with a comprehensive income of 5.119 billion yuan by Tourist Spots.

Since the Huiyou Hubei activity was launched, tourism market in Hubei Province has recovered significantly. According to the statistics of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, 299 Spots at present have reached or exceeded the level of the same period last year, accounting for 76.67%. In Hubei, 1,048 travel agencies returned to work, with a return rate of 88.29%. A total of 7,723 tourism groups of over 100 people, 3,013 groups of over 200 people and 65 groups of over 1,000 people were organized and received.

The total number of group tourists organized and received by travel agencies was 10,909,600 person-times, which was about 5,898,700 person-times more than that of the same period in last year (based on 100 days), with a year-on-year increase of 117.72%. Among them, 2,988,800 person-times of tourists organized and received entering the Spots through the reservation platform were from other Provinces, accounting for 29.62%.

The activity Huiyou Hubei further promoted market consumption. As of November 15, 354 star rated hotels in Hubei Province had returned to work, with a return rate of 94.40%.

According to the statistics provided by Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, driven by the activity Huiyou Hubei in October this year, the decreasing amplitude of turnover in the accommodation industry above the quota in the whole province had a month-on-month decrease of 3.5 percentage; the turnover of the catering industry had a year-on-year increase of 6.1%, with a month-on-month increase of 4.1%.